Love Letters from our Customers

We love our customers! What a treat to feed you and your families with food grown by our friends and alchemized by our team. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor. Here's a few notes about our kale chips that our customers have sent us over the years..


Alexandra has a vision
Nourish people whenever possible
Source by the purest means
Kale chips are on the go
Dark greens when u need them
Savor like they’re your last
Even if you don't eat meat
Bone-broth sneaks by unnoticed

Until after a few bites

-Kingman Lim

I love these kale chips! They are delicious, nourishing and my body absolutely loves them. I have started a tradition of bringing these kale chips to family gatherings and my family was at first skeptical of the notion of kale chips, but now they also love them and look forward to them.
- Nicole Connell
Super nourishing, satisfying, and insanely delicious! Lemon Ginger Miso is my favorite. They are sweet, tangy, salty, and a little zingy. I would choose Kaleidoscope kale chips over ANY other kind of chip ANY DAY. These are a nutrient-powerhouse, so brilliant! 
- Lindsay Graham
I’ve been happily munching Kaleidoscope’s kale chips since I discovered them at the Campbel Farmer’s market a couple years ago.  Each flavor is so wonderful in it’s own special way that I hate to name a favorite.  It would be like playing favorites with your children.  Okay, I admit it:  I have a small preference for “Sweet Potato and Beef Bone Broth” and “Lemon Ginger Miso”.  Please don’t tell the other flavors, because I really like them too.
-Brent Gregory
I have to buy these chips in small quantities because I can't stop eating them when they are around - a highly recommended product for the active and health conscious individual who appreciates real food. The flavors are unique and delicious. Perfect for on the go - I buy them bring to my triathlons, put them in my desk at work, and we have a stash in our camping gear.
- Anna Jelks
I guess I'm not your typical person who would be so adventurous to buy "kale chips". I'm more likely to buy basic salt and vinegar chips. But, I had an opportunity to try Kaleidoscope's bone broth kale chips at the Campbell Farmers Market and I'm a changed man! I don't care that they are healthy, they are some of the best chips I've ever had!
- Ryan Comerford