About Us

Enter the Kaleidoscope

Food is Medicine.
So with care and precision
We alchemize chips
Akin to magic carpets,
On whose backs we fly:
Over mountains, through valleys,
Nourished to the core.

 Who we are

Kaleidoscope is an Oakland-based producer of bone broth kale chips. We are pioneering a new wave of holistic on-the-go nutrition with boldly flavored, deeply nourishing chips for the discerning consumer. We are a whole systems company that works directly with local farmers whose work regenerates the land, and high performing customers who demand food that fuels their lifestyles.

 Back in January, Project NOSH interviewed founder Alexandra Hudson at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The following video shares a bit of Alexandra's vision for Kaleidoscope - enjoy!

Kaleidoscope's Team

Beatriz Ortiz, Kitchen Guru  

Ortiz has long loved kale and its many virtuous properties. Beatriz hails from Oaxaca, Mexico and infuses her every kale chip with mama love and extraordinary attention to detail. This is Beatriz and Alexandra's second co-project, the first one being Liberty Ship Cafe, a workers coop that sold healthy lunch food and did catering to offices in downtown Richmond; Beatriz was an worker-owner of the Cafe and Alexandra helped develop the logistics of business development. Beatriz loves the ocean and is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and responsible people we've ever met. 

Alexandra Hudson, Founder & Kale Whisperer 

Hudson created Kaleidoscope in 2013 as a means to bring delightful on-the-go nourishment to her friends and family. As an avid food sovereignty activist and chef with a very full schedule, she found herself on the go a lot and wanted delicious food that could support her lifestyle of feeling Really, Really Good. She created the bone broth kale chip one day when fantasizing about next level nutrition and has never looked back. She plays in the kitchen daily and is always cooking up some new alchemical creation.

What makes our Kale Chips different?

Our bone broth infused kale chips speak directly to a range of consumers, from millennial moms seeking nutrition for their children, to on-the-go Paleo fiends seeking to fuel their bodies with next level snacks, to baby boomer women who seek nutrient dense foods. Our chips are known for their flavors and very crunchy textures, as well as their functional effects on the body. Kaleidoscope Bone Broth Kale Chips the only non-vegan, non-vegetarian chips on the market and are at the forefront of a revolution in the “Raw” food industry. All of our chips are free of common allergens - nut free, soy free, gluten free. 


Our Organic Mission: Regeneration in every sense of the word, from the soil to the mouth, we connect people with innovative, nourishing food that feeds their every sense.
It is our delight to work with the finest organic and local farmers, wildcrafters, and ranchers whose work honors the complex dynamics of ecosystems. This quality of produce translates directly to superior taste, nutritional content, and experience for you as a consumer. 
We work with people whose mission is to leave the land and its inhabitants better off than when they found it, and all of our ingredients are organically grown.
While our list of sources is continuously evolving to meet the changing market availabilities, the list below introduces our mainstay partners.
Our kale, carrots, and garlic come from Capay Valley’s 500 acre Riverdog farm in the fall and spring. During these lush months, the temperate climate of the valley provides the perfect dense curl for our chips. Riverdog is owned by Tim and Trini Campbell, first generation farmers committed to bringing the highest quality food to market to nourish people and planet. More info at http://www.riverdogfarm.com/
True Grass Farms
Our beef bones are sourced from True Grass Farms based in Sonoma County’s Valley Ford. True Grass’s commitment is to raising grass and restoring the ecosystems that depend on it. Rancher Guido Frostini raises Black Angus and California Kobe cows, of which Kaleidoscope sources the 100% grass fed bones. The beef from this farm is without compare and we are excited to work with this team of land stewards – both cow and human! True Grass is run by Guido Frostini, a first generation farmer on land that has been in his family for the past four. More info at http://truegrassfarms.com/
Petaluma Creamery
The butter that we clarify to make ghee is churned at Petaluma Creamery, one of Sonoma’s premier institutions for value added dairy. Sonoma’s climate of Coastal salt-kissed air, fog, and mild climate produce lush grass for the cows for much of the year. The nutrient dense grasses that grow here are transformed in to butter that is rich in vitamins and minerals and is absolutely exquisite. More info at http://www.springhillcheese.com/
J-Bar-S Ranch
This 75-80 head ranch right outside of Ukiah is managed by Jim Lawson and his small crew of ranchers. The buffalo are grazed exclusively on grassland over the 1000 acre property and have been since 1986 when the ranch started. More info at http://lawsonslake.com/
Bison Rock Ranch
Deep in the heart of Siskiyou Valley, overlooking the pristine Shasta valley is Mark Nelson’s buffalo ranch where he and his wife Cindy have raised buffalo since 2002. Mark raising his herd of 70 buffalo on native grasses and alfalfa and works with pasture rotation to ensure soil development. More info at http://www.bisonrockranch.com/
Mendocino Sea Vegetable
MSV is owned and operated by the rocking duo Babs and her husband John. After years of international exploration that included the salty coasts of Thailand where she munched on such delicacies as sand-sprouted coconut, Babs came to California where she began devotional work with the ocean in the form of seaweed harvest and education. MSV regularly performs radiation tests to ensure continued quality of their offerings. More info at http://www.seaweed.net/
Wild DevOcean Seaweed Collective
Alexandra met Trish of Wild DevOcean in 2013 within her first weeks of business. She had just finished with her supply of seaweed harvested by her roommate and was looking for a source. A week after she asked the universe for guidance, Trish walked up to Alexandra at the Middletown Farmers Market and told her, “I’m Trish the Sea Witch and I have what you need.” The two have worked together ever since. Trish works with reverence for the cycles and the incredibly powerful & delicate ecosystems of the ocean. It is with pleasure that we present her seaweed in our food. More info at www.wilddevoceanseaweed.com/pages/thecollective.html
Flying Disk Ranch
Rainbow Orchards