Our Team

Beatriz Ortiz, Kitchen Guru  

Ortiz has long loved kale and its many virtuous properties. Beatriz hails from Mexico City, Mexico and infuses her every kale chip with mama love and extraordinary attention to detail. This is Beatriz and Alexandra's second co-project, the first one being Liberty Ship Cafe, a workers coop that sold healthy lunch food and did catering to offices in downtown Richmond; Beatriz was an worker-owner of the Cafe and Alexandra helped develop the logistics of business development. Beatriz loves the ocean and is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and responsible people we've ever met. 

Alexandra Hudson, Founder & Kale Whisperer 

Hudson created Kaleidoscope in 2013 as a means to bring delightful on-the-go nourishment to her friends and family. As an avid food sovereignty activist and chef with a very full schedule, she found herself on the go a lot and wanted delicious food that could support her lifestyle of feeling Really, Really Good. She created the bone broth kale chip one day when fantasizing about next level nutrition and has never looked back. She plays in the kitchen daily and is always cooking up some new alchemical creation.