Sweet Potato & Beef Bone Broth Kale Chips

Sweet Potato & Beef Bone Broth Kale Chips

$ 4.99

"A good broth resurrects the dead" -South American proverb. 

Year-round Thanksgiving is had with this chip in hand. Akin to our favorite Thanksgiving stuffing, this crunchy chip nourishes on a deep level to leave us revitalized and anew. 

These chips are particularly nutrient dense and a recommended serving size is one half cup.

Our beef bone broth is brewed in house with bones from True Grass Farm, a pasture based family farm in Marin. The broth is simmered for days to fully extract the minerals and gelatin in the bones. These vitalizing trace minerals give us energy and a sense of true nourishment. 

100% Organic Ingredients: Kale, Sunflower Seeds+, Sweet Potato*, Pastured Beef Bone Broth, Ghee, Granny Smith Apple, Herbs.

*Paleo & GAPS Diet Friendly